Parents who value regular attendance and punctuality send the message to their children that school is important.

Child home sick? Call the Northstar attendance line:
If you child is out ill, please call the Northstar attendance line at 425.936.2390 ext. 6. It is extremely important that you remember to call in your child's absences.

Northstar Middle School must follow the attendance requirements required by Washington state. This applies to the BECCA Law. Please refer to the Northstar handbook for more information on the BECCA Law. This law only pertains to unexcused absences. An absence is considered unexcused when a parent does not call or write a note excusing the absence.

Pre-Arranged Absences:
For pre-arranged absences whether it be a family trip or scheduled medical appointment, please let the school know of your plans as soon as possible. If the student is to be out several days, we will make up an assignment sheet so s/he will not fall behind. If we find a student missing a class at any time during the day, we will notify a parent.

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