Student Dress Code

What is considered appropriate clothing at Northstar.

Students need to wear appropriate clothing while at school and attending school-sponsored functions. Appropriate clothing will not cause disruptions of the learning process, and includes the following:

  • Shirts/tops must be no more than ½ inch above the belly button.
  • Pants/skirts must be worn no lower than ½ inch below the belly button (the top of the pelvis).
  • Gap between top of pants/skirts and bottom of tops can be no more than 1 inch.
  • No revealing/see-through clothing, including plunging necklines.
  • No sleepwear or undergarment shall be substituted as outerwear.
  • No halter-tops, bare midriffs, or tube tops.
  • Tank tops and spaghetti straps are acceptable provided the neckline is no lower than the armpits.
  • No holes in pants when the hole is above the knee, or large holes in shirts.
  • Shorts and skirts must be at least mid-thigh in length (about a six inch inseam).
  • Shirts and hard soled shoes must be worn at all times except as teacher directed.
  • Clothing or jewelry that promotes alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sexist or racist themes, profanity, violence, illegal/dangerous weapons, sexual connotations, or gang-related in any manner are not allowed.
  • No bandannas or head cloths.
  • No large chains are to be worn or in your possession.
Based on these district guidelines, school staff will use this description to decide the appropriateness of student dress. If a student wears an article of clothing not deemed appropriate, he/she will be asked to change, i.e. turn inappropriate shirts in-side-out, cover halter-tops. If this cannot be remedied by some means at school, a call to the parent will be required, and the student may be sent home.
Abusing these guidelines repeatedly will result in a stricter clothing policy. Repeated violations could result in a behavior contract or suspension.